The  Rotty  Family

Steve Brian Judy Lisa
We designed this website to share with our family and friends, some of our adventures and milestones. Stop by occasionally to check on Current Events and to see what has been updated. With photographs, we present our most recent "activity" and some of our all-time favorite pictures.  Then chose a year for a scroll down memory lane.


I have just begun to build our website, so please be patient, while I try to fulfill our Mission Statement above.  It will take a little time, but hopefully worth it.  Following the "Most Recent", I have a lot of family-type images.  Photos of friends and past events will be the next order of business.

Please forgive incorrectly spelled words.   I understand physics, not grammar. Let me know if something is mislabeled.  Not all pages are numbered correctly as yet, as I rearrange things.   

Start by clicking on a selection from the LEFT Navigation Bar (to the left).

Wherever you find a "thumbnail" sized photo, you can click once on it to enlarge the image.  When done with that image, simply close that window, to return to the current web page.

Should you wish to copy a photo to load onto your computer or to take to Rite Aid, CVS, Kodak or Ritz etc to print, follow these instructions:  OPEN the picture to full size by LEFT clicking on it;  RIGHT click;  RENAME it (minus my numbers);  Make certain it is still saved as a JPEG (.jpg);  SAVE (picture as) to either "My Picture" or "My Desktop"  or a floppy disk or USB drive or even as Wallpaper (if it is of sufficient quality).  When done, just CLOSE that window.  If you must have a high quality image, let me know and I will re-scan it for you. 

Every picture has a descriptive title, under Properties. Faces are named left to right.  A few images will have a caption or perhaps a brief description of who or what is shown. (especially large group photos)

On pages with multiple sub-pages, you can click on the TOP Navigation Bar (at the top of the page) to select the next page in a series.

I am attempting to preserve all of our old photos, slides and even a few documents by scanning to files and burning a few to CDs/DVDs.  This is a long slow process.  From this collection, I will be posting a few on this website.

Hope you enjoy the show, while looking for familiar faces.


Last update:    Monday, 9 Oct 2006