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Our Trip To Maui


Judy and I had an excellent vacation in, on and under Maui to celebrate our 30th anniversary.


(Before going any further you should wait until you are well rested, lightly fed, loaded with caffeine, have a comfortable chair and have some free time to view this.   Future postings will not be as detailed as this epic text.  Click on the pictures to see them full size.)


Brian dropped us off at LAX early Thursday September 15th.  We were glad when the cramped 737 trip (#253 at 9:15 AM) from Los Angeles to Kahului Airport on Maui, Hawaii ended after 4.5 hours. (three times zones and 2,450 miles southwest of Long Beach).     We picked up our Chrysler Sebring convertible at the Dollar Rent-A-Car and headed west towards Lahaina (the former Capital of the islands and a famous seaport during whaling days).   The island is roughly figure-eight shaped with an oversized bottom ( to the east).   The airport and large cruise ship harbor is in Kahului on the north side of the neck between the two dormant volcanos.

The Island of Maui, Hawaii

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